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To create change mentally, spiritually and physically



To create change mentally, spiritually and physically




To create change mentally, spiritually and physically



Leslie Marie is a true blue local girl from Honolulu, Hawaii. All she ever wanted to do in life was to teach and help others become better! Leslie has an awesome supportive husband and 2 children, who are her reason for striving to become great!

Leslie has been in the fitness industry for 6 years but being raised by a strong mother who believed in being involved in sports, a stepfather who is a Varsity boys basketball coach and multiple educators in her family, it was in Leslie’s cards to become a coach and educator!

Leslie had graduated from the University of Hilo in 2010 with a B.A in Psychology and minoring in Hawaiian studies at Leeward Community College. Although psychology seemed fitting at the age of 24, she knew she wanted to do more.

After graduating from UH Hilo Leslie decided to embark in the pageant scene. Competing for Miss Hawaii USA 2010, winning Miss Congeniality and again in 2011 placing top 10. In 2011 she was crowned Miss MMA Hawaii representing the Mix Martial Art community in Hawaii. After attending her first bodybuilding show, Leslie embarked on a different journey. Leslie competed in the bikini open division where she took first in her class and the overall title.

Her journey in the fitness industry started more than 6 years ago in sales at Powerhouse Gym Aiea. Her passion and drive took her to another great chapter of her fitness career to UFC Gym in 2012. She has more than 5 years experience of coaching hundreds of people live healthier, look great and feel phenomenal!

Leslie’s mission is to create change mentally, spiritually and physically in anyone who graduates her programs!




Coach Leslie


Coach Leslie shares what and why she created Leslie Mare Inc. Her true passion and purpose is to educate others on living a healthy balanced life; physically, mentally and spiritually.


Our soul purpose is to inspire, and teach individuals to live healthy full lives through education on functional movement training, Bio- individual nutrition, healing through bodywork and personal development. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself and reverse bad habits if given the right information and an open mind to create change. The core of Leslie Marie is to create change from the inside- out to become the best version of YOU!


Her Philosophies


What are some of our guiding philosophies?


Knowing what your goal is one thing but knowing the why behind it helps drive you to stay the course even when the road gets tough. Your Why should stand for What Hurts You. Every time it crosses your mind it holds you accountable to your commitment.


When we first start a new endeavor we are extra excited and with a positive attitude. It’s when the initial “Ra Ra” has subdued commitment is has to be full blown! There will be times you will have doubt in yourself, in others but it’s the commitment to follow through where real success will shine!


Without hard work and consistency there is no real sustainable success. You will go through many moments you will be tested but it’s when we face adversity and push through we become phenomenal.


We don’t just wake up one day and say ok I’m going to be successful. Real success takes time to cultivate. Every day your intention should bring you one step closer to your end goal.